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Middle Eastern
Goddesses from the Middle East

I can imagine that in a place like Iran, where the climate is hot and dry, a Goddess of Water would be very popular and important, and so it was with Anahita.
As with many Water Goddesses, she is associated with fertility and healing, and also love, all attributes we see cross-culturally very frequently. Wikipedia tells me that in Armenia,
the girls' name Anahid is still very popular, perhaps in an old homage to her.

Other depictions of her on the internet, as with SO DARN MANY of the Goddesses, frustrate me with their vapid, pornified sexuality (okay, it's probably closer to anger than frustration).
If I could save them all from this undignified fate, I would. My Anahita's embroidery shows a woman with a dress turning to life-giving water, perhaps showing the birth of an
important spring or river, with tone-on-tone swirly hearts in the background. I hope my depiction of her is seen as both soft and powerful simultaneously.
Hebrew/Canaanite. Related Names and/or Sister Goddesses: Asheroth, Athirat, El Shadday
Syrian/Aramaic/Nabataean. Related Names and Sister Goddesses: Athtart, Ishtar, Astarte, Anat, Derceto, Dea Syriae, Ceto, Hagne, Aphrodite, Cybele
Beautiful and wise Mermaid Goddess who descended from the heavens to bring fertility and protection to her peoples.
Christian. Other Names and Sister-Goddesses: Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Sara, Sara la Kali, Kali, Isis

Sumerian/Mesopotamian. Related Names and/or Sister Goddesses: Gestinanna, Ninsun, Astarte, Astoreth, Ishtar, Hannahannah, Hebat, Aphrodite, Venus, Mary
Babylonian. Related Names and/or Sister Goddesses: Astarte, Inanna, Ishara, Asherat, Anat, Ashtoreth, Gestinanna, Dilbah, Kilili, Gumshea, Irnini, Zib, and about a dozen others!
Ishtar is one of the quintessential Goddesses which incorporate all aspects of what it means to be a sovereign female. She is a Goddess of love and war, sacred sexuality, fertility, death and rebirth.
I held on to this embroidery for a long time, planning to use it for one of the Goddesses of sacred sexuality like Ishtar, Astarte, or Baubo, since it’s a gorgeous,
flowery representation of a yoni; with some sumptuous colors and the addition of a Morning Star, I think she's perfect.
Sumerian/Mesopotamian. Related Names and/or Sister Goddesses: Lilitu
For more stories about Mary Magdalene as a Goddess, check out Margaret Starbird's book The Woman With the Alabaster Jar, Clysta Kinstler's The Moon Under Her Feet,
and Elizabeth Cunningham's Maeve Chronicles
Canaanite. Related Sister-Goddess: Thatmanitu (see her entry below for more)
Thank you to Jill Hammer, who has shared Shekhinah’s story with me and with us all. She has written an enlightening article about the Jewish face of the Goddess here: http://www.zeek.net/spirit_04073.shtml
In my research of Healing Goddesses, I found (of course) that many of them have the power to give healing, but many of them also have the power to take life.
And that's a realistic view of illness; when we are ill, we don't know what will happen, whether we will live or die. I came across one story of a winged Goddess who was
believed to come to an ill person's bedside, but one could never be sure if she was there to escort the person to the Otherworld or to give Healing. I feel like this precarious
place accurately encapsulates our relationship with real illnesses, don't you?

Sha'taqat (Canaanite) and Thatmanitu (Semitic) are believed to be the same Goddess, but lived in different cultures. She was known as a winged "demoness."
It might be my time with Terry Pratchett's Death, but I just don't see the need for negative name-calling when someone's just doing their job. LOL ;)
Both dolls have winged angels...I love the mirrored images on Thatmanitu, symbolizing both sides of life and death, just a breath away.
Babylonian/Akkadian. Other Names and Related Sister-Goddesses: Mummu Tiamat, Tethys, Nammu


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